Bovine AMH Test Service


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The Bovine Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) Test Service offered from the MOFA International Center for Biotechnology, and available from MOFA Canada, is a simple blood serum test used to select the best candidates for IVF, embryo flushing, and/or embryo transfer.


Predicting reproductive potential of animals allows farmers to choose highly reproductive animals, thus reducing time and expense spent on animals who have difficulty conceiving.  This is especially important when employing expensive techniques such as embryo transfer.  High numbers of developing follicles are predictive of reproductive potential.  However, determining follicle numbers through ultrasound technology is time consuming and requires technical skill and equipment.

AMH has been shown to be an endrocrine marker of ovarian follicular reserve in humans, bovines and caprines.  High levels of AMH are associated with high numbers of developing follicles and high numbers of obtainable oocytes during oocyte retrieval in cows and goats.  Meanwhile, cows with low levels of AMH respond poorly to reproductive treatment and have characteristics associated with infertility. 

Furthermore, AMH levels are consistent throughout the estrus cycle and, therefore, can be used as a predictor of reproductive capabilities at any point in the cycle.  This allows farmers to determine highly reproductive females even when the point of their cycle is unknown.

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