MOFA is innovative, quality conscious and dependable. We are committed to providing quality products that are tested for safety and proven to consistently deliver top performance. Proof of our commitment to being a dependable partner lies in the investment we have made in our rigorous quality control program. MOFA’s comprehensive quality control program includes procedures that cover:

  • Analytical QC
  • Production QC
  • Biological QC
  • QC Sampling
  • Quarantine Release and Packaging
  • Shipping QC

In addition to the implementation of extensive quality control procedures, MOFA offers QC services to its customers in order to maximize AI stud performance as well as final product quality delivered to the farms. QC services include extended semen analysis assessments and bacteria assessment. If you are interested in receiving more information on MOFA’s quality control program or if you would like to know how MOFA can help improve your quality control procedures, please call your MOFA sales representative.