Dave Morley Named MOFA Global COO     |     7.18.2016

Verona, Wisconsin - MOFA Global announces Dave Morley as Chief Operating Officer, effective July 15, 2016, with the retirement of company founder Ludwig Simmet. MOFA Global is a leading provider of assisted reproduction technologies for porcine, bovine, equine and canine and a subsidiary of Cooperative Resources International (CRI).


“Morley’s training, manufacturing experience and involvement in employee programs make him an excellent COO choice,” states Doug Wilson, CEO of CRI. “His experience and dedication, coupled with mentoring by Simmet, will enable MOFA Global to continue leading the industry in providing quality products and customer service throughout North America and around the globe.”


Since December 2001, Morley has served as MOFA Global’s Vice President of Operations, overseeing operational aspects from purchasing and manufacturing to assembly and shipping. During his tenure, he also contributed to international marketing organization and growth, assisting with the acquisition of MOFA Global Mexico and operations at MOFA Global Canada. In addition, he helped lead building projects for both MOFA Global and the CRI International Center for Biotechnology.


Morley graduated cum laude in finance from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Before joining MOFA Global, he worked for a consumer transaction technologies company and a real estate website company and also founded and managed four companies.


About MOFA Global

MOFA Global, headquartered in Verona, Wisconsin, assists customers around the globe in achieving success by developing and effectively supporting the use of advanced assisted reproduction technologies through superior quality products and customer service. MOFA Global, established in 1986, is a subsidiary of Cooperative Resources International. Learn more at www.mofaglobal.com.

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Certified Pigs on the Ground™     |     6.7.2016

MOFA Global Provides the Ultimate Quality Assurance for Boar Semen Extenders through Field Performance Testing

MOFA Global is proud to introduce its field performance testing program, Certified Pigs on the Ground™ to address the challenges, demands and needs of todays modern boar studs. It is the highest level of quality control for boar semen extenders with the ultimate reduction of production related risks as never before.

This seal of quality is applied only to extender lots manufactured in the USA by MOFA Global which are field performance tested in addition to the most advanced and rigorous analytical and biological quality control testing to ensure batch to batch consistency in Farrowing Rates and Total Pigs Born before being released for commercial use.

“Field testing on US commercial sow farms from conception to parturition goes above and beyond the standard extender QC. This product qualification helps to ensure consistent performance, litter after litter. Pigs on the Ground certified just makes sense when it comes to extender selection.” said Phil Burke, VP Global Key Accounts at MOFA Global.

Field testing is performed in partnership with independent boar studs, veterinary clinics and pork production systems. All test and control semen is produced from split ejaculates to yield statistically significant field data.

The Pigs on the Ground field testing is available for select MOFA Global long term semen extenders.

MOFA Global is a biotechnology company specialized in advanced reproduction technologies and cell biology. With worldwide partners in some of the most advanced biotechnology companies and Universities, and clients in the agricultural, veterinary, medical and research communities, MOFA Global is active in the fields of food animal production, companion and sport animal breeding, assisted reproduction, clinical research and cellular, molecular or hormonal diagnostics. It is part of Cooperative Resources International (CRI), the world’s leading company focused in animal reproduction and genomics. The CRI International Center for Biotechnology, located in Mt. Horeb, WI employs highly specialized experts in reproductive physiology, genomics, cell biology and endocrinology to produce the most advanced research and product development for the continuous improvement of assisted reproduction.

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