MOFA & IPIG sign distribution agreement     |     11.6.2012

On October 18, 2012, Ludwig Simmet, CEO of MOFA Global and Dr. Jinfeng Yuan, General Manager of IPIG, signed a distribution agreement at Guangzhou to bring MOFA Global’s porcine products and services to China market.  Mr. Yuan received his Ph. D in Animal Genetics and Breeding and Reproduction from Central China Agricultural University with his research work completed at the University of Cambridge, UK.  Dr. Yuan was recruited as one of the special young talents by the City of Nanchang, Jiangxi Province to work for Agfeed.  At Agfeed, Dr. Yuan held various positions with direct responsibility for the technical side of pork production.  Dr. Yuan was instrumental in Agfeed’s successful consolidation of several swine production companies. He was also responsible for the nucleus farm collaboration between Agfeed and Hypor, as well as the swine farm operation collaboration between Agfeed and M2P2. Dr. Yuan has visited genetics and production farms in the US, Canada, UK, Germany and Ireland and had hands-on training with Hypor, M2P2 and MOFA Global. Dr. Yuan is well versed in swine production systems in China and abroad. Dr. Yuan resigned from Agfeed as Vice CEO in June, 2012 and became the General Manager of Guangzhou IPIG Management & Consulting Co., Ltd.  IPIG is a start-up company formed on the partnership of several progressive and energetic swine experts who are well connected to the government, university, and private industries in China. These leading experts are the representatives of a brand new concept and practice of swine system management in China. IPIG has signed contracts with dozens of swine production companies to use modern technologies to build and manage their production systems. With the advanced swine reproductive products, services and education from MOFA Global, IPIG is well positioned to assist in establishing efficient boar studs of various sizes and sophistication in China.  For more information on IPIG,



The award of the International Congress of Animal Reproduction (ICAR) recognizes an active, research scientist for outstanding basic and applied research in the area of Assisted Reproduction of Animals. The Simmet Prize is awarded every four years at the ICAR meeting and comes with a prize of 50.000 Euro. The Simmet Prize is sponsored by the Simmet Family in honor of Dr. Ludwig Simmet, founder of Minitube.