MOFA Joins The CRI Family     |     3.3.2014

Becky and Ludwig Simmet have finalized the sale of the primary assets of MOFA Global, formerly known as Minitube of America, to Cooperative Resources International (CRI). MOFA Global now stands as the third subsidiary of CRI, alongside AgSource Cooperative Services and Genex Cooperative, Inc.

“For nearly 30 years, MOFA Global has demonstrated innovation, quality and dependability while assisting customers around the globe in achieving success by supporting their use of advanced assisted reproduction technologies,” states Ludwig Simmet. “We look forward to continuing these endeavors as part of CRI.”

Within the CRI structure, Ludwig Simmet will continue to lead MOFA Global as this new subsidiary’s chief operating officer.

CRI, formed in 1993, was the nation’s first direct link between a dairy herd improvement organization and a provider of bovine artificial insemination service, organizations now known as AgSource and Genex. The purchase of MOFA further increases the cooperative’s influence in production agriculture.

“The purchase of MOFA and subsequent expansion of CRI core business areas sets this organization apart from the rest of the industry. In particular, it creates new business relationships within the porcine industry as well as those specialized in reproduction in other species,” states Doug Wilson, CRI CEO.

MOFA’s International Center for Biotechnology will provide CRI with a direct research connection. Since establishing the International Center for Biotechnology in Mt. Horeb, Wis., in 2004, MOFA has conducted cutting-edge research spanning several animal species and specifically focused on advanced reproductive technologies, molecular and cell biology, and DNA and genomics research.

 “The addition of MOFA to the CRI family is a significant diversification step for this cooperative,” said CEO Doug Wilson, CRI CEO. “Along with new business fronts, technology potentials make CRI an enticing employer for young professionals looking to join the agriculture industry.”

CRI is a member-owned holding cooperative comprised of AgSource, Genex and MOFA. The CRI mission statement summarizes the goal of CRI: “To provide products and services as effectively as possible to maximize the profitability of members and customers worldwide while maintaining a strong cooperative.”


MOFA Signs Agreement with CRI      |     1.28.2014

Becky and Ludwig Simmet signed a Letter of Intent to sell their interest in MOFA Global to Cooperative Resources International (CRI) with plans to close before the end of this spring. This transaction will align two US based visionary companies focused on production agriculture and the field of animal reproduction.

Headquartered in Shawano, Wisconsin, CRI is a farmer owned cooperative with subsidiaries active in cattle reproduction, genetics and genomics; milk testing; agronomy services; food and environmental services. The CRI mission statement is: “To provide products and services as effectively as possible to maximize the profitability of members and customers worldwide while maintaining a strong cooperative.”

MOFA will continue to operate as an independent subsidiary of CRI with Ludwig Simmet staying on as its Chief Operating Officer. For nearly 30 years, MOFA has demonstrated innovation, quality and dependability while successfully supporting its North American customers in achieving success through their use of advanced assisted reproduction technologies. We look forward to continuing these endeavors as part of CRI and allowing for a seamless transition for our customers, states Ludwig Simmet: “Our mission is to provide the highest quality products developed, engineered and made in the USA as well as reliable and competent services delivered with total integrity at all times.”

As part of this corporate alignment, CRI is committed to fully support the cutting edge research conducted at the MOFA International Center for Biotechnology and to strengthen MOFA’s presence in the global market place. These actions will enhance MOFA’s position as a world leader in the development, manufacturing and marketing of assisted reproduction equipment, supplies and technologies. Ludwig Simmet emphasizes: “Staying true to MOFA’s original vision, while embracing CRI’s mission statement, we will continue to service our customers - always making the difference.”


Optimizing Canine Reproduction     |     11.7.2013

The research staff at MOFA regularly contribute to scientific journals all over the world. For an in-depth look at this recent article highlighting the optimization of artificial insemination and breeding management, click the link below!

Optimizing Canine Reproduction: Artificial Insemination and Breeding Management
TECHNEWS Fall 2013 - VOLUME 37 ISSUE 1 – Journal published by the Ontario Association of Veterinary Technicians.


Cutting edge Amnis quantitative flow-imaging system     |     2.5.2013


MOFA started 2013 with an important addition to its state of the art laboratory at the International Center of Biotechnology (ICB). With the goal of always making the difference and bringing the latest technologies to its customers, MOFA decided to invest $400,000 in the Amnis ImageStreamX quantitative flow-imaging system. The ImageStreamX system combines the speed, statistical power, and fluorescence sensitivity of flow cytometry with the functional insights of high resolution microscopy opening the way for the the most insightful cell analysis possible. This new advanced technology associates cell sorting with cell imaging at a rate of 10,000 images per second!

According to Dr. John Verstegen, VP of Research and Development, “This new equipment will greatly enhance our research and commercial service activities. Using the Amnis system will allow us to provide our customer with more detailed and meaningful results about their semen samples. The Amnis system will combine the discrimination power of flow cytometry with concomitant cell identification allowing to perform on the same sample both functional and morphological identification. Examples of information that can be provided on sperm cells include: co-localization of membrane proteins and morphological evaluation, cell viability status and DNA integrity or simultaneous identification of membrane receptors associated with fertility, mitochondrial activity and morphology including significant details (60x magnification) of tail, head size and shape. Adding these to our Sperm Certification program will bring second to none value to our customers by allowing them to analyze semen in ways that were not available before. The new information will further improve our ability to advise and assist our clients in their semen processing and genetic selection pushing semen characterization significant steps ahead of what is currently available."

This new technology will, beside this significant addition to our semen certification and cell characterization programs, be used as an advanced research tool in our andrology, cell biology and embryology programs.

This latest investment consolidates our research and development leadership position and further differentiates us from our competitors in terms of superior products and services delivered to our customers. Our ICB team is extremely excited to put the new equipment to work and provide you the most advanced cell analysis reports. For further detail and information on how you can take advantage of this opportunity please contact us at

Examples of Amnis reports



MOFA and BRINS sign distribution agreement      |     11.6.2012

On October 19, 2012, Ludwig Simmet, CEO of MOFA Global and Dr. Shijian Nie, CEO of BRINS Biotechnology Co, signed a distribution agreement at Shanghai to bring MOFA Global’s canine products and services to the greater Chinese market.  BRINS Biotechnology Co. Ltd, a research –driven business,   was established in 2000 to promote the products and services developed in the Beijing Research Institute of Nutritional Resources and in the Beijing Fungal Engineering Lab. The owner and CEO of this company, Dr. Nie , received his PhD in fermentation engineering from Tianjin University of  Science and Technologies, is currently a senior researcher of the institute and the director of the lab. Dr. Nie is also on the committees for Beijing Industrial Microbiology, Microecology of Chinese Society of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine, and Pet Food Standard of Chinese Department of Agriculture. Dr. Nie and Dr. Wu of MOFA Global have known each other since 1987 when they worked on a United Nations project using a fungal metabolite as sheep growth promoter at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. The same philosophy of bringing research to commercial product and long personal connection paved a great foundation for BRINS and MOFA Global to work together to promote each other‘s products in China and the USA. G-PetTM (³è¶ùÏã®) is BRINS’s brand name for its probiotics, functional nutrient gels, antivirus vaccine specifically designed for dogs and cats. BRINS has a sales force of 27 members strong to cover all of China and its territories. Adding MOFA Global’s educational programs, services and products for canine reproduction will be a great opportunity for BRINS and MOFA Global respectively. More about BRINS Biotechnology,